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I have been bullied and sexually assaulted. It caused me to develop low self-esteem and anxiety. I overcame it though. I told my Dad that I wanted to help prevent other people from going through what I went through. I decided to write The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of self-love. It is a self-help manual for maximizing higher self-esteem. We worked together to published it on June 25, 2020.  You can grab a copy of it by visiting my store, Amazon, Powell's Books, or Walmart. You can also pick it up in person at Stylzplus Beauty and Hair Concepts if you live in the Raleigh area. Please ask for Avion Hunter. She works wonders with all types of hair too.

I also told him that I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up. He said, "Why not now? You can design products that support your book. Doing that might help increase your book sales." I thought, "Why not" and I said, "Sure." I started designing clothing, shoes, and accessories for children, women, and men with the intent of improving self-esteem across the globe. After that my Dad helped me register my business with the USPTO. Here I am only 13 years old, and I am a published author, style influencer, motivational speaker, brand, and small black owned small business. The money that I earn will be used to pay for law school. I hope that you like what you see and may the fire be light on your path.  

Love Haelee

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The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold is an absorbing rendition of true events where author Dedrick L. Moone describes his life experiences as a black disabled father trying to raise a daughter in contemporary America.


Powerful and gut-wrenching, The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold deeply resonates with the common man of today's working-class all over. Author Dedrick L. Moone pulls no punches in showcasing the horrors plaguing the working class of contemporary America and provides plenty of practical examples of how to counter them. Dedrick L. Moone's narrative feels authentic and rings true, and he delves into his real-life experiences in spectacular fashion to explore the troubles facing contemporary America. The usage of actual events and exhausting court battles provide the narrative with an added sense of urgency and legitimacy that is difficult to shrug off. At the end of the memoir, I couldn't help but appreciate Dedrick L. Moone's resolve and applauded the comeuppance that his detractors rightly deserved. 

Pikasho Deka

Editorial  Reviewer

Readers Favorite LLC

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